Monday, November 5, 2007

Hello from Kuwait

Stepping off my British Airways flight into Kuwait yesterday morning, I must admit I was a little intimidated. Even though Kuwait is more moderate then Saudi Arabia or Iran, it still doesn't allow any alcohol into the country, and most women were wearing at a minimum a head scarf. After I got my visa and collected my bags, I went outside to wait for my driver. Looking around, I saw men dressed in the traditional long white robe and head covering drinking Starbucks. My driver showed up with a Dodge Charger, and while we sped off into Kuwait city, I was serenaded with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. I could hardly believe I was in Kuwait, until I heard the radio sensor Christina Aguilera song candy man (they removed "he makes my cherry pop") geeze, its only candy!

I stayed at the hotel Le Meridien, and from my balcony I could see a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, and just down the road was an Apple Bees. If it wasn't written in Arabic, I would have sworn I was still the US. Its funny that the US keeps trying to export Democracy, yet the only thing we are really successful at exporting is junk food and giant SUV's.